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La Vanille Park
Mauritius Islands

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The Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park at La Vanille Park is home to various species of animals, reptiles and plants and is set in a beautiful rain forested valley with natural freshwater springs, full of prawns and fish. There is also a mini zoo of Mauritian fauna where you can find most of the Mauritian mammals.

La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes was opened in 1985 in the south of Mauritius. This part of the island has, more than any part, kept a feeling of “old Mauritius”, whether it is the manner of the people, their traditions or even the unspoilt scenery.

After leaving our crocodilian friends, you can visit the giant tortoises, wandering around in their two-acre park, and meet 275 kgs Domino who is 95 years old. You may wish to take a souvenir photo of this, the largest Aldabra and Radiata Tortoise Park in the World, with approx 1000 tortoises.
You will also discover a variety of other creatures: geckos, monkeys, Madagascan tenrecs, Java deer, Japanese Koi Carps, Fruit bats and many other species.

A “must-see” is our collection of butterflies and other brightly-colored insects, which is one of the largest and most fascinating in the world with over 23 000 species. It took Mr Jacques Siedlecki 33 years of patient work to put together this amazing collection, and he will greet you himself, and tell all about his passion for insects.

In addition the museum includes a modern section showing the story of marine mammals in Mauritius. This features a fascinating display of whale skeletons as well as seals, dugongs and whale tooth scrimshaw.

The museum exhibit was created by Dr Julian Hume, renowned natural history artist and palaeontologist who has worked with many museums around the world including the Smithsonian, Bishop Museum in Hawaii and the British museum


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