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Beijing Seductive, surprising, exotic

Beijing, long known as Peking and home to the one-time Forbidden City, is a surprising and exotic destination for the traveller, a mixture of up-to-the-minute trends with ancient and historic sites. Air Mauritius has been operating a weekly direct flight to this city since July 2013. Beijing enjoys a bustling commercial life. The city is well-known for its shopping opportunities, be it traditional art – jade, porcelain, silk – or fashion products, textile and other articles offered in the shops of Xizhimen, Silk Street, Hong Qiao and Zhong Guan Chun, an electronic gadget Mecca. The tourist season is in full swing in summer, from June to August. The autumn months, from September to November, offer agreeable days, both cool and sunny. These are the best times to wander through the streets and sample the many traditional Chinese cuisines, including Peking duck, as well as the surprising and delicious specialties offered in the popular streets of Dong Chuen.

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